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Easily Support Retina Images in WordPress

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Update: This is no longer a supported or suggested route for supporting retina images We recently released a plugin in the WordPress plugin repository to make it very easy to support retina images on your WordPress powered website. We based the plugin off of Shaun Inman’s .htaccess Mod Rewrites. There are several other plugins and ideas out there that have…Read Article

When it comes to using non-standard web fonts, Chrome (on Windows) has given less than great results. The issue is that Chrome cannot do anti-aliasing on TrueType fonts. There seem to several CSS hacks that try to fix the issue in Chrome, but they are not very reliable. When using the @font-face approach via CSS, we specific 4 different versions…Read Article

There are still many people who do not care whether they are using the Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari or Opera. They simply just want access to the internet. As designers and developers, we have to understand this and make sure sites look correct in all browsers. IE8 was released on March 19, 2009 and was touted as a…Read Article

Facebook’s current application is about 1 year old and its set to go open source sometime soon. It opens a large door for application developers who have developed for the facebook application, because it lets any social network become Facebook Platform compatible. I have yet to develop anything for facebook, but I think it could rapidly increase the amount of…Read Article

You might recognize that little toolbar in the upper left corner of the image below. Maybe you recognize the character too… Anyway, As a developer you hate that toolbar, it gets in the way of your pretty website. Well there are a couple ways to remove it. Its only occurs in Internet Explorer 6 (IE6), but according to the W3C’s…Read Article

If you use firefox, you may know what I mean. Its those dotted lines around links. Now there are a few ways as a developer to remove these. I always thought it was easiest to just throw one line of css into your document, but some research shows otherwise…

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