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IE6 image toolbar removal

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You might recognize that little toolbar in the upper left corner of the image below. Maybe you recognize the character too…

IE6 image toolbar removal

Anyway, As a developer you hate that toolbar, it gets in the way of your pretty website. Well there are a couple ways to remove it. Its only occurs in Internet Explorer 6 (IE6), but according to the W3C’s Browser Statistics, IE6 is still accounting for just over 33% of the market. If you are not, you should be testing your sites for every major browser whenever possible so your website is cross browser friendly.

Ok, lets get down to business.

The first way to remove the toolbar removes it from the site entirely. (My personal favorite.) In involves a simple meta tag.

<meta http-equiv=”imagetoolbar” content=”no”>

The second way is to put a tag on specific images (untested, but sure to work )

<img src=”image.jpg” galleryimg=”no” />

Now your site won’t look so silly in IE6, well atleast you can remove the IE6 image toolbar.

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