Managed cloud hosting with stellar performance and security.

Superior Performance

Our cloud-based hosting is strategically built to give the fastest load time for WordPress.
  • Automated Security Backups
  • WordPress Security Hardening
  • Database Caching
  • Varnish Caching
  • Page caching for increased SEO Page Rank
  • Optional Content Delivery Network (CDN)
  • FREE Migration from your current hosting


WordPress Security Features

Because WordPress is so popular, it’s often exploited by attackers. We harden your WordPress install by using many different techniques to keep the attackers out and keep your website running fast.

WordPress Backups

Backups of your website are performed nightly and weekly to a remote destination to ensure any changes can be easily reverted.

Database Backups

Backups of your database are done on a nightly and weekly basis to both local and remote destinations.

Hide WordPress Login

Hiding your login page from the public is a very easy way to stop attackers from trying to gain access.

Brute Force Protection

Limiting the number of failed login attempts allowed per user allows us to stop attackers from trying to crack passwords or gain access to your WordPress admin area.

File Change Detection

If your site is compromised for some reason any core WordPress files and plugin file changes can be detected, helping us determine the cause of issue.

Malware Scanning

Scheduled Malware scans ensure that your website doesn’t have any infected files that could hurt your visitor experience or search engine ranking.

Update WordPress Plugins

We manage your plugin updates so that any new security patches are updated as soon as possible.

Update WordPress Core

WordPress is often patched with security and UI enhancements and we take care of making sure your WordPress install is always running the latest version.

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WordPress Maintenance

If you’re looking for continued support and maintenance of your Website, we offer per-project pricing as well as a discounted monthly retainer pricing.