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Magento’s Forgot & Reset Password Page is Blank Fix

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If you run into a problem where after an upgrade from an older version of Magento to the latest the Password Reset page is blank then keep reading.

The issue lies in an update to the customer.xml file┬áthat is not present in your custom/active theme. You can diff the base/default/layout/customer.xml file with your custom theme’s to see what’s missing, but most likely its the following that needs added to your customer.xml file. You can put it right after the customer_account_forgotpassword section.

<customer_account_resetpassword translate="label">
<label>Reset a Password</label>
<remove name="right"/>
<remove name="left"/>

<reference name="head">
<action method="setTitle" translate="title" module="customer">
<title>Reset a Password</title>
<reference name="root">
<action method="setTemplate">
<action method="setHeaderTitle" translate="title" module="customer">
<title>Reset a Password</title>
<reference name="content">
<block type="customer/account_resetpassword" name="resetPassword" template="customer/form/resetforgottenpassword.phtml"/>

Be sure to clear your cache for this to take effect. If this doesn’t fix your issue, post a comment and we’ll do our best to help out. If it did fix it for you, feel free to share this on your favorite social network.

5 responses to “Magento’s Forgot & Reset Password Page is Blank Fix

  1. I am having issues with this. I have tried this method and it doesn’t seem to make a difference at all. Any idea what else might be wrong here? this is what the code looks like:

    Customer Forgot Password Form

    Password forgotten


    Reset a Password

    Reset a Password


    Reset a Password

    1. Not sure what you tried to paste, but make sure you clear your cache and check your error log for anything that you may have messed up.

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