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Back in February of 2009, Microsoft released a very sneaky and quiet update to Windows. The update was a firefox add-on that was added automatically. It’s labelled ‘Microsoft .NET Framework Assistant,’ and it ‘Adds ClickOnce support and the ability to report installed .NET versions to the web server.’

The Microsoft engineers described the possible threat as a “browse-and-get-owned” situation that only requires attackers to lure Firefox users to a rigged Web site.

Anyone who posts their email address on a website, is subject to a spambot crawling and scooping out your email address. One of the simpliest ways of stopping spam from happening to your email address that is out in the public domain, is to encode it. All this means is it stops the spambot from reading it.

We have a unicode converter, powered by javascript, to easily convert your email address to unicode.

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