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If you run into a problem where after an upgrade from an older version of Magento to the latest the Password Reset page is blank then keep reading. The issue lies in an update to the customer.xml fileĀ that is not present in your custom/active theme. You can diff the base/default/layout/customer.xml file with your custom theme’s to see what’s missing, but…Read Article

Magento API Roles not updating

| 1 Comment | Magento

If you or a 3rd party developer needs to access your Magento powered ecommerce store, then you’ll want to do so via the built-in API. Granting access to the Magento API is a fairly simple task. Giving a Role custom or full access is done under Web Services > Roles. Choose your Role, then select the Role Resources tab. From…Read Article

How to mass update your Magento SKUs

| 20 Comments | Magento

We recently worked on a project where we needed to update all of the simple product’s SKUs on a pretty large site. It turned out there were just under 1000 SKUs that needed updated. The reason for needing to change all of the SKUs was to make an integration…

Magento not sending emails to gmail and hotmail

| 10 Comments | Magento

A couple of our clients had noticed a problem that just started popping up. It appeared that emails to the free accounts like gmail, aol, yahoo and hotmail were not getting to their customers inbox. It turned out those services were just dropping the emails all together and were not just going to spam folders. A fix to this problem…Read Article

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