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WordCamp Columbus – Custom Post Types

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For everyone at my custom post type talk at 2:15 on the development track I have put my presentation and plugin on here to download so you can follow along.

Download the zip file.

2 responses to “WordCamp Columbus – Custom Post Types

  1. Nice slides and great example plugin.

    Two things: 1.) Typo on the “CPTs since 2.9” s/b “CPTs since 3.0” and 2.) The slides don’t have your implementation of save_post; might want to add for those who just read the slides?

    1. Thanks Mike. CPTs have actually been available since 2.9 as they rely on register post type, which became avail in 2.9 (via codex) There is a link to download the actual plugin where you can see the usage of save_post.

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