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We like this: Autofill Forms

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You fill out the same type of online form over and over and over and think “Hey, automating this would be nice!”

We needed something like this to speed up testing and fill in forms with information quickly.  We turned to the firefox extension website to see what we could find.

We found Autofill Forms to be our best bet.  Our favorite feature was the profiles.  This allows us the ability to create multiple profiles and use one for development to fill in test forms and one profile for personal use.  There are many features and settings you can change in order to get it work the best way you would like.  Some people want a shortcut via the mouse, clicking a button or by using a keyboard shortcut.

You can add new custom fields for forms.  So say you are always filling out the last 4 digits of your zip code, well you can store that in the forms settings and always automatically fill it when you want!

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