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Your Business is probably already on Facebook

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Recently, we offered a service of helping a client setup their facebook account to pull in their blog posts and connect with their customers fans.  Interestingly, the customer said they didnt want to worry about a facebook account.  We did a quick search and found their business name came up in the results.  With thousands of fans already in a group made by one loyal customer, the client was shocked but excited about the love.

The point of this little story is that if people are a fan of your business in the real world, brick and mortar sense, chances are they have or are ready to say so on facebook.  Social networking is a great way to drawn in new customers and get free publicity about your business.  Take for instance, Dell Computers, who have stated that through tweeting they have made about $3 million dollars in sales through twitter.

If you’re interested in getting things going on facebook, twitter or any other social network, then feel free to drop us a line.

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