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From time to time we build websites on the WordPress platform. Our client’s are often wanting to manage all of their content on their pages easily, so WordPress is a great solution. I won’t go into how great WordPress is, or how it can be used as a CMS, or how there are tons of plugins available to help speed up development time, because there are many websites and blog posts already covering these things.

We created a very simple plugin that allows the administrator to edit the footer text that shows in the lower left corner of the WordPress Admin pages. You can download the plugin from our server. Once downloaded, you can just upload the folder to your /wp-content/plugins/ folder on your webserver. Activate the plugin from the Plugins Admin in your WordPress installation and then navigate to Settings -> nuAdmin Footer and add whatever footer message you would like. If you install it, let us know how you like it and what other things you would like added, if any.

Here is a screenshot of the admin part that allows you to change the text in your footer.

Update: I have finally added code to the SVN at WordPress so you can download the plugin from WordPress.org

Download the nuAdmin Custom Footer WordPress Plugin

Download the plugin


It seems there have been some people a bit confused as to where the text shows up. The left side of the footer in the admin area is what you can edit.

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  1. Hello,
    The Custom header and footer sounds interesting to me.
    However, it doesn’t work afer a successful installation (i’ve got the nuAdmin panel)

    Is there a specific code to insert in footer.php for exemple ?



    • stephane, the plugin will allow you to change the footer text at the bottom of the admin. To edit the footer, just go to Settings > nuAdmin Footer and put the html/text you want in there.

      You must be the admin user to edit the footer. hope that helps.


  2. Mpf, same problem for me : everything seems to work, plugin seems ok, I can modify the text as an admin… but nothing displays in the footer.


  3. Footer not showing up in WP 3.1


    • hey there dwightanthony – I have tested it in 3.1.1 and it’s working fine. Are you sure there isn’t any broken html in the box? let me know and ill do my best to help.


  4. If you want someone to donate at least make the plugin work.


    • I appreciate your enthusiasm Gobli. I have a feeling that the few people who have said it doesn’t work, might have a conflicting plugin. The filter hook I am using hasn’t changed since version 2.8. If you or anyone else would like to reply with admin plugins they are using I can try to determine which plugin I might be conflicting with.


  5. For some reason it says I do not have permission when I try and edit settings.


    • Are you an administrator? Did you go through the Settings > nuAdmin to update? I’d like to fix this and push an update out if I need to.


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